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The United Age Group Track Coaches Association is a 501C3 not for profit, charitable organization as well as a United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Donor Choice Agency that relies heavily upon the support of its many friends and Alumni to sustain the program. Your tax deductible contribution will be immediately acknowledged and put to work helping us maintain our services.The current national financial sitiation has made many people less likely to give to any charitable organization regardless of need but the need still exists. For over 30 years we have strived to keep our fees low and our program accessible to those who need it the most and can afford it the least. Be assured that 100% of what we take in is put right back into the program through improved facilities, awards and better officiating. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we will always try to live up to our reputation of providing the best quality, affordable track and field program to the youth of the area. We only want you to ask yourselves one simple question. What would happen if the UGTCA were unable to continue to provide these services? We believe the the answer is just as simple: The athletes, your children, will have to travel to neighboring states like New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and points beyond to receive the same services that we currently provide right here in our own backyard and while travelling can be an enriching, fun and rewarding experience many clubs and athletes just can't afford it.

We know that our appeal is unprecedented because these are unprecedented times. We have always tried to be self-sufficient as we were designed that way but the rising cost of things like facility rental, officiating, awards, insurance and virtually everything else has made it absolutely necessary that we ask for your help. We have always felt that we are best suited to determine what is best for the survival of our program, without being beholding to any outside group or agency but we now also recognize the urgency of our situation and ask all of our friends and supporters to donate to the program. Even if your gift was not 100% tax free it would still be worth the effort but it is a 100% tax deductible donation. Your entire gift can be deducted as a charitable donation to an organization that has earned your respect over decades of providing service to our kids. You can Click Donate below tooffer your support. or the UAGTCA is also a United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Donor Choice Agency and if you donate to the United Way through payroll dduction you can designate the UAGTCA as your Donor Choice Agency using our ID Code #48881.

Finally, even if you are unable to personally make a contribution, you may know someone who is. Pass along this message to them in hopes that they will see and agree with the worthiness and urgency of our plea. Thank you for taking time to read our request.


You can submit your contribution online now via our secure Payment Processor 'Pay Pal' or send it via U.S. Mail to: UAGTCA c/o Ron Jackson 1104 Summit Lane Oreland, PA 19075 (All Donations should be made payable to UAGTCA). WE acknowledge all of our supporters via mail, on our web site and in our annual UAGTCA Youth Invitational program book.

'Your Support is Kindly Appreciated'

Thank You