The UAGTCA to Infinity and beyond …….. by Ron Jackson


As the UAGTCA prepares to start its’ 34th consecutive year of youth track & field competition I am reminded of the old saying that ‘good organizations, regardless of purpose, don’t always last but organizations built on a solid foundation have a better chance than most’. The UAGTCA founded in 1977 on the principles of service to the community, mutual help and cooperation has managed to defy the odds time and time again. The member groups have changed with time but new, ever energetic replacements have stepped forward to keep the group strong and fresh. Yes, the membership may have changed but the purpose remains the same, ‘to provide a solid program of youth development through track and field’. The principles of mutual cooperation and self determination are ingrained in our program structure and we continue to survive and grow because of it. I have often been asked why we do what we do. Time off is very precious to so many of us and to commit much of our winter, spring and summer to a single-minded endeavor defies logic. To them I say it is completely logical, we love the athletes, the communities we serve and the sport. What better way to demonstrate that love than to give back to ensure its’ survival.


Our continued good fortune is not guaranteed. We need your help and involvement to keep us strong and relevant in the community and the sport we serve. Our current membership does not have a lock on good ideas and YOUR suggestions on how we can make the program stronger and better would be very welcomed.


Reply and let us know what you are thinking. I guarantee a response.


See you during the year …..


Ron and the entire UAGTCA Team!!!