The UAGI in Review and Preview ... by Ron Jackson

The 2009 UAGI in Review …..The 2009 UAGTCA Youth Invitational (UAGI) was by most measures a huge success. Despite the downturn in the economy there was a modest increase in the overall number of participants willing to make the 3 day trek to Widener University in Chester PA.  Most surprising was the increase in the number of quality competitors in the field events. The facility, I’m certain, was the greatest contributor to that increase. The throwing venues at Widener University were in excellent condition. This was clear evidence of the University’s commitment to the event. The quality of the marks, both running and field, witnessed by the amazing number of new meet records,  once again indicated that the UAGTCA Invitational is growing in both size and influence. The meet attracted athletes from as far away as Florida, Ohio, North and South Carolina. There was also once again an international representation from Canada & Bermuda. All in all there were 72 clubs and over 1200 athletes in attendance. The highlight of the meet was unquestionably the presentation of all awards on the customized raised awards podium fabricated by Widener University especially for the UAGI. The podium sat on the stadium infield and nearly everyone appreciated the special way in which awards were presented during the 2009 meet. We promised improved competition in the Pole Vault and we delivered on that as well.


The 2010 UAGI in Preview ….. 2010 will represent the 5th anniversary of the UAGTCA Youth Invitational. During that time we have learned many things. Most significantly is the truth in that old baseball adage that ‘If you build it, they will come’. We have built a successful competition and many have come.  We remain committed to a youth event that is organized by youth people who know and understand the youth athlete. To demonstrate that commitment we have included the Hammer as our newest event for 2010. We have also incorporated the Instant Results feature of the Hy-Tek program in the 2010 meet. No more waiting for the postings. You will be privy to the results as they roll off the Finish Lynx. We have modified the final day awards presentation to ensure that the relay finals are completed without interruption. Our goal remains to be the summer event of choice for every  youth athlete.